Baby SuperMall Cash Back Rewards

1)  How does it work?
Who doesnít enjoy a little extra cash to spend on their new baby?

With Baby SuperMallís Cash Back Rewards program, you earn 10% cash back credit on anything purchased off your registry. The cash back credit can be spent on any items on

For example, if your family and friends purchase $300 in registry gifts for you, you earn a total of $30 in Baby SuperMall Cash. Every time one of your guests makes a purchase off of your registry, 10% of their purchase (before tax and shipping) will be deposited in your Cash Back Rewards account.

Note: Purchases made before the Cash Back Rewards program started on October 5, 2010 are not eligible for Cash Back Rewards.
2)  How long will it take for me to see my Cash Back Rewards?
Please allow 7 days after each purchase for the 10% Cash Back Rewards to be reflected in your registry.
3)  How do I redeem my rewards?
Make any purchase from while you are logged into your registry. If you are logged in, you will be able to select Cash Back Rewards as an option on the Payment page of the checkout process. You can choose to pay with your Cash Back Rewards or save them for later and pay with another method. If you do not have enough Cash Back Rewards to cover your order, you will be asked for an additional payment method.

Note: Cash Back Rewards will NOT be earned for any portion of a purchase paid for with Cash Back Rewards. If you pay a portion of your purchase with another payment method such as a credit card, you will earn Cash Back Rewards for the qualifying amount of that portion only.
4)  Do my rewards expire?
Your cash back rewards expire 90 days after your Event Date.