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Things to Consider When Choosing a Child Safety Gate

How will the baby gate be used?
Child safety gates are designed to meet specific needs. Particular attention should be given when selecting a baby gate for use at the top of a stairway; pressure-mounted safety gates should never be used for this purpose, only wall mounted. Other gates, along with available extensions, are specifically designed to handle a variety of unusual spaces and configurations. Our Gate Finder will help you find the right one for you.
How is the safety gate constructed?
Child safety gates are constructed of wood, metal, plastic, or mesh depending upon the specific intended use. For obvious reasons, gates used around fireplaces are metal. Metal gates are generally more sturdy and long-lasting, but also heavier. Wooden gates are preferred by many for their appearance and are designed to be as safe as any metal gate.
How would you prefer to install your child safety gate?
Pressure mounted safety gates are generally much quicker to install and can be easily moved from place to place; however, they are only useful when you have a space with opposing walls that are parallel and should not be used for certain applications where they provide inadequate security, such as the top of a stairway. Hardware mounted safety gates take some more time to install but are essential for many applications. Various baby gate installation kits and accessories are available to help you deal with any unusual installation issues. Many people prefer pressure-mounted gates to avoid putting holes in the walls. However, note that a pressure mounted gate over time can cause worse damage than a few drilled holes if the surface upon which the pressure is being applied is not hard enough. For each safety gate presented, we generally provide you with access to an online version of the installation instructions so that you can be certain that the selected gate is appropriate for your specific need.
How wide is the space?
Baby safety gates are designed to handle a variety of spaces. Extension pieces are usually available to increase the possibilities. Please take care to purchase the appropriate extension kits for the gate you have selected to avoid compatibility problems that will reduce the security of your safety gate installation. We will help you determine which extensions you will need.
Baby SuperMall is committed to offering baby gates of the highest quality. We offer a variety of child safety gates to meet your and your toddlers needs. All safety gates that we carry have passed the USA standards and are JPMA approved. Along with offering these gates, we have an efficient, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team that will be happy to assist you with all of your child safety gate needs.