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Ladybug Baby Crib Bedding
These crib bedding collections have a ladybug theme or feature ladybugs within a more general nursery theme (such as baby bedding collections featuring floral or garden creatures themes). Click on any of the following images to see the complete ladybug bedding collections, including many coordinating lady bug nursery decor accessories.

Ladybug Baby Crib Bedding Sets

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Many parents choose to decorate their little girl's nursery with a ladybug nursery theme and so it should come as no surprise that pinks and reds dominate this selection of ladybug crib bedding. You may find a few gender neutral ladybug nursery bedding choices but this has always been a popular crib set choice for girls. Some of these sets have lots of lady bugs. They typically include a ladybug quilt, a ladybug mobile, and ladybug nursery decorations. Red, pink and even purple and green accent these crib sets. Ladybugs are also a popular complement to floral baby bedding so you may find them scattered throughout sets that feature flowers or even other garden creatures. Don't let your ladybug themed nursery be limited to ladybugs unless that is what you want. Many of these sets let you incorporate butterflies, flowers and more into your nursery ideas. And the nursery decorations don't stop with lady bugs. Each lady bug baby bedding collection features a host of coordinating ladybug nursery decorations - including lady bug mobiles, rugs, lamps and more - to help make your ladybug nursery ideas come to life!

There are so many different ways to decorate your baby's nursery, but the process should be enjoyable. The creative opportunities go far beyond the bedding you choose. Many parents start with the furniture. Depending on the size of the room, you may be considering anything from just a crib to a complete furniture collection. When deciding what furniture pieces to include, storage is an important consideration. Your baby may be small but he or she will have a lot of things that need storing! Consider just the clothing and diapers. The baby's clothing can be stored on hangers in a closet, in dresser drawers, on shelves, or some combination of all three. Once you know the types of furniture pieces you are looking for, you can consider your options based on style and wood color. Before you bring the furniture home or have it delivered, consider painting the room if you are planning to change the wall colors to match the furniture and bedding. Painting is a lot easier before you have furniture in the room. After the room is painted and the furniture is in place, you can decorate as much or as little as you desire. Some parents create a nursery theme complete with dozens of matching decorations and accessories while others take more of a simple-is-best approach and let the nursery grow with the child. Just don't forget to relax and enjoy the process. Your child is sure to love the nursery you create for them no matter what choices you make!