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Baby Clothing Gift Ideas

Baby Clothing Gift Ideas

Buying a baby gift is one of the most exciting gifts you can buy. There are so many cute and useful items on the market, deciding which one to buy can be a really hard decision. Baby SuperMall offers a large variety of baby blankets, adorable socks, bibs, burp cloths, towels, washcloths, gowns and sleepwear.
Baby Clothing Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas for Babies
Deciding what to buy for a baby shower or the birth of a new baby is not always easy, especially if you are not a parent or don't know the parents well. You probably want to buy something that is useful and appropriate, maybe something even a little different. Many parents-to-be register for the baby gifts they want, so check our Baby SuperMall gift registry to see if they have registered. The Baby SuperMall gift registry will tell you exactly what items the parents want, how many of each item they want, and if it has been purchased or not.
If you don't see anything you want to purchase on the gift registry you can get an idea of the parents taste and style by looking at some key items they may have registred for such as baby bedding, nursery items and clothing.
Baby clothing is always a great gift. A baby grows quickly and always need clothes. Each new baby will need either preemie or newborn clothing. On average, a new baby can wear the newborn size for about 2.5 - 4 weeks. Baby clothes are usually sized by age and sometimes weight. Use this information as a guide for the baby you are buying for. Another great tip is the baby's due date. Depending on when the baby is due, it will help to determine what season(s) of clothing the baby will wear now and from that you can purchase items for the seasons to come.
If you don't know the baby's gender, clothing can still be a great gift. Baby SuperMall offers a variety of gender neutral baby clothes and gender neutral gifts.
Baby socks are a fun and fashionable gift for any baby. Many times gift sets of adorable shoe-like socks are not something a new mom is willing to spend money on but really appreciates getting them as a gift. Trumpette baby socks are typically packaged in pairs of six in a decorative gift box. They fit sizes 0-12 months and come in a variety of patterns and colors. New parents LOVE these socks.
Baby blankets may seem like such a typical gift. Many people stray from purchasing blankets assuming the new parents will receive more blankets then they can possibly use. Baby SuperMall has taken the time to select specialty baby blankets that many new moms will not receive. See our selection of Taggies baby blankets and snuggle friends. Each Taggies item has interactive satin tags that baby's and kids love.
Sleep sacs and wearable blankets are another fantastic yet practical gift. Putting a baby to sleep with a loose blanket is highly discouraged. Sleep sacs and wearable blankets are a one piece clothing item a baby wears over their onesie, footie, or outfit to help keep them warm. The Halo Sleep Sack wearable blanket is recommended by leading SIDS and safety organizations internationally and is used in over 400 hospitals in the U.S. A portion of every sale is contributed to First Candle/SIDS Alliance. Sleep sacs and wearable blankets come in a variety of sizes, weights and patterns.
The iconic sock money is another gift many parents and infants love. We have a selection of sock monkey snuggle buddies, sock monkey blankets, sock monkey nap mats, sock monkey pacifier holders, sock monkey towels, sock monkey booties, sock monkey caps, and sock monkey clothing.
Bibs and burp cloths are items you can never get too many of. Have fun with a great saying or cute picture. Bibs and burp cloths are available in many fabrics, colors, prints, and characters. Soft cotton or terry cloth bibs and burp cloths are great for a new baby. As the infant starts to eat cereal and more solid foods a wipe off bib may be a better option. Toddlers learning to feed themselves can be messy. Smock bibs are great for messy toddlers.
Bath time is one of the best times for parents to bond with their baby. An adorable animal hooded towel, practical package of washcloths, or any baby towel makes for a great gift.
All babies sleep. A newborn gown makes for easy diaper changes during the day and at night for mom and dad. Footed sleepers or footies are one of the most highly worn clothing garment for any baby. Again, select a gown or footie that fits the parents personality. You can purchase a sweet baby sleep n play, a cute footie with animal feet, a trendy stripe footed sleeper, or a funky print sleeper. Many times a footie or gown is sold with a cap to keep the baby's head warm or a matching bib for feedings and to catch the drool.
Buying a baby gift is a happy occasion. Have fun with it!