Long Sleeve Bodysuits

Long sleeve body suits are the cold weather style of Onesies. Long sleeve body suits come in a variety of materials, styles, colors, and patterns. Many times they resemble a t-shirt with a logo, saying, or picture. Browse our large selection of long sleeve Onesies below.
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Displaying items 1-25 of 25
Long Sleeve Bodysuits for Babies

Long sleeve body suits are a t-shirt like garments for a baby that snap between the baby's legs and have a flexible neckline for easy dressing. Long sleeve Onesies can be worn as an undershirt or alone. Long sleeve Onesies can be sold as individual pieces, but often come in packages of 3 or 5.

Long sleeve Onesies are great for layering. They can be hidden for added warmth or peak out as a shirt under a sweater or sweatshirt. Wearing a long sleeve creeper helps keep your baby's tummy covered in the cooler weather.

Long sleeve body suits are the perfect garment for inside a sleep sack. Wearing a long sleeve Onesie inside a sleep sack keeps your baby's arms covered while leaving their legs open so they do not overheat.

Shopping for that perfect novelty long sleeve Onesie makes a great gift or can give a baby a little personality. Novelty Onesies can include funny sayings, clever sayings, company logos, or a graphic picture.

Onesies are a versatile part of a baby's wardrobe.