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Trumpette Socks

Trumpette baby socks are made to look like your little bundle of joy is wearing baby shoes, but they are a soft lightweight comfortable sock with a shoe design printed on them. This clever design is a sock and shoe all wrapped up into one product! Most styles of Trupette baby socks come in a decorative box that includes 6 pairs of socks in different colors. We have Trumpette Johnny's and Trumpette Jenny's socks that look like high-top sneakers. We have Trumpette Ballerina socks that look like ballet slippers. We carry Trumpette Skater Johnny's that resemble Vans, and Trumpette Rad Johnny's that look like Converse shoes. For the cowboys out there we have Trumpette Cowboy socks, and don't forget the sweet Trumpette Mary Jane Pastel and Trumpette Mary Jane Brights. The Trumpette Mary Jane style socks also come in brown, patterns and sparkles! For the warmer weather see the Trumpette Bella sandal socks. These are just a few of the items we carry from Trumpette. Like many brands, Trumpette is continually changing the line to keep it fresh and new. Browse our section below to see what we have available today!
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Trumpette Socks

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Trumpette Baby Socks

The company Trumpette was founded by Jon Stevenson. His inspiration for Trumpette was found when, as a single parent, he adopted his son Nicky. Having worked over 10 years in the San Francisco mens fashion industry, it was clear to Jon that high fashion was not tailored toward little boys. Quick to change this, he began designing onesies for Nicky to wear. After receiving many compliments about "What a cute little girl" he had, Jon then created a onesie with the word "BOY" boldly silkscreened across the front, just to avoid any further confusion. In doing this, Jon brought to life the visual style that began Trumpette.

After closing one of his store locations and selling another, Jon and Nicky moved to Petaluma, where life for both of them was less hectic. Again inspired by change in his life, Jon created the "Perfect Little Dozen", twelve socks packaged in an egg carton (it was only fitting that Petaluma happened to be the chicken capital of the world). With the success of the "Perfect Little Dozen", Jon continued designing socks that did not fit the everyday "cute" mold.

Moving to Sacramento allowed Trumpette to expand even further, working with contemporary and traditional ideas alike. Jons combination of classic and modern visual vocabulary has allowed Trumpette to grow and develop into what it is today. They are now celebrating twenty years of baby fashion, and what better way to do it than with a re-release of the look they made famous: "the Original Maryjanes". A testament to Trumpettes unrivaled quality and originality, theres no confusing these socks with competitors versions.

Trumpette baby socks are a fashion statement, conversations piece, and a "go to" sock all wrapped up in one. They come in an adorable gift box and a perfect price point for a shower gift or baby gift.

Trumpette socks are functional for the all same reasons all socks are functional. They protect little feet from the environment, provide warmth, and add some style. Trumpette socks are slip resistant and are known for staying on baby's feet. The best part about Trumpette baby socks is you don't need an additional pair of shoes. Trumpette socks are the original sock and shoe combo, perfect for the parents on the go!

See our variety of Trumpette baby sock and enjoy!