White Bodysuits

Most babies wear basic white infant body suits often if not daily. They are often sold in packs of 3, and they can be worn as an undergarment or as an outer shirt. See our complete selection of basic infant Onesies below.
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Displaying items 1-27 of 27
Basic White Bodysuits

Basic white Onesies are great for layering as undergarments or can be worn alone. Depending on the weather, you can choose from a variety of sleeve lengths. BabySuperMall.com has sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve options to choose from. A few of our most popular options are sleeveless undershirt body suits, short sleeve creepers, and long sleeve diaper shirts. Many moms register for packs of 3 as a staple item in the baby's wardrobe. Onesies are perfect for both new babies and toddlers. Basic white onesies usually have either a stretchy lap shoulder neckline, snaps on the shoulder, or snaps in back so it is easy to dress and undress your baby. A Onesie also has snaps or Velcro in the crotch area for easy diaper changes and to keep the garment tucked into the baby's bottoms so they look neat and put together.

A basic white Onesie is great for layering to keep your baby warm. They can be worn under clothing, under pajamas, or under sleeper footies. Many moms put a basic white Onesie on their baby instead of pajamas when placing them in a wearable blanket, sleep sac, or swaddle blanket. This ensures the baby is comfortable and does not overheat and puts Mom's mind at ease.

Basic white Onesies are usually less expensive than "t-shirt like Onesies" which typically have a saying or decorative detail on it. The inexpensive price tag makes a basic white Onesie the perfect garment for around the house or getting messy!