My Friend Pooh Crib Bedding Collection From Crown Crafts NoJo

Recommended Paint Colors

Palette #1 Accent Wall Color
Wing Flutter
We have selected Wing Flutter as the Accent Wall color for Palette #1 of our My Friend Pooh paint color selections. To see our other selections, return to My Friend Pooh Crib Bedding - Purchase Paint.
Please note that due to variations in computer monitors, the actual color of Wing Flutter paint will vary somewhat from what you see here. Order paint samples to be sure.

Wing Flutter paint - One Coat or Two? Thoughts from Shawn, our professional designer

"Mythic™ Wing Flutter paint is high performance, premium quality paint. Its coverage ability is better than or equal to any paint you have ever used. In most situations involving painting over a previously painted surface, one coat of paint should give sufficient coverage. Simply assure that the surface is properly prepared (make sure the surface is clean, oil and grease-free, and dry; and "degloss" all glossy surfaces on existing paint finishes) and the paint is applied consistently at the recommended rate.

"However, as with any other paint, I recommend two coats of Wing Flutter paint. Two coats will provide the most uniform appearance, is much more forgiving of any inconsistencies in the rate of application, and will leave a painted surface that will hold up very well for many years. For a relatively small investment of time (since most of your time is often spent preparing the room and the surface for painting, not the painting itself) you will achieve professional-looking results."

How much Wing Flutter paint will you need?

One gallon of Wing Flutter paint will cover 350-400 square feet. If being used for an accent wall, one gallon should be more than enough for two coats. Use our Paint Calculator for help in determining all of your paint needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This product is the result of extensive research and testing. If this product fails to perform when used according to label instructions, return the unused portion with your receipt to Baby Supermall. We will furnish an equivalent amount of paint at no cost or will refund the purchase price.