Flowers Crib Bedding Collection From Just Born

Recommended Paint Colors

Palette #3 Ceiling Color
Lime Breeze
We have selected Lime Breeze as the Ceiling color for Palette #3 of our Flowers paint color selections. To see our other selections, return to Flowers Nursery Bedding Paint.
Please note that due to variations in computer monitors, the actual color of Lime Breeze paint will vary somewhat from what you see here. Order paint samples to be sure. Please note that paint samples will be in an eggshell finish, which will vary in appearance from the flat ceiling paint.

Ceiling Color: Thoughts from a professional designer

"If your ceiling is white, you can feel free to leave it as is. But to add one last finishing touch to your room, use my selected Lime Breeze ceiling color for a professional looking design.

"I selected Lime Breeze to pick up subtle tints of the bedding and wall colors. The Lime Breeze ceiling paint will have a flat finish. Flat paint is best at hiding small surface imperfections that can be particularly annoying on the vast expanse of a ceiling. Washability is not as much of an issue with ceilings, so eggshell finish is not necessary. And the flat finish of the Lime Breeze ceiling will create a decorative contrast with the eggshell finish of the Crisp Green primary wall and the semigloss finish of the Hush White trim."