Dinosaur Land Crib Bedding Collection From Sweet Jojo Designs

Recommended Paint Colors

Palette #2 Trim Color
Swan Wing
We have selected Swan Wing as the Trim color for Palette #2 of our Dinosaur Land paint color selections. To see our other selections, return to Dinosaur Land Infant Bedding Paint.
Please note that due to variations in computer monitors, the actual color of Swan Wing paint will vary somewhat from what you see here. Order paint samples to be sure. Please note that paint samples will be in an eggshell finish, which will vary in appearance from the semigloss trim paint.

Trim Color: Thoughts from a professional designer

"Primary wall and accent wall colors are clearly the most important considerations for your bedroom decor. And you could simply use the same colors for any adjacent trim. But a relatively small investment of time and money to paint the trim Swan Wing will significantly enhance the appearance of your child's room.

"I have selected Swan Wing as the trim paint color to best ‘frame’ and enhance the Single Feather paint that I have selected for your primary wall color. The Swan Wing trim paint will have a semi-gloss finish. The shinier surface of this paint will create a decorative contrast with the walls, will be more durable and washable (protection against vacuum cleaner scuffs), and will enhance the grain of wood trim.

"Most painted wood doors are already painted white, frequently with a high gloss oil-based paint (as compared to the Latex base of Mythic™) that is perfect for such purposes. While you could certainly use the Swan Wing trim paint to paint the doors, I suggest that you not do so unless you are very careful with preparing the surface before painting (by thoroughly sanding away any glossy finish on the current paint). Insufficient surface preparation could lead to durability problems because of the significant seasonal expansion and contraction of large wooden doors. From a decorative standpoint, the white doors will work just fine and may well create more interest in the room. And remember – most people looking at the room will be seeing the outside of the door that is swung open inside the room, not the inside of the door that you would be painting"