Puppy Pal Boy Crib Bedding Collection From One Grace Place

Recommended Paint Colors - Samples

Palette #2 Primary Wall Color
Blue Horizon
Shawn, our professional designer, has selected Blue Horizon as the Primary Wall color for Palette #2 of her Puppy Pal Boy paint color selections. To see Shawn’s other selections, return to: Puppy Pal Boy Crib Paint Samples.

Primary Wall Color: Thoughts from Shawn, our professional designer

"The primary wall color of your room is your most important choice. Being the predominant color, it will be most responsible for communicating the mood you are seeking. I have taken care to select a color that coordinates perfectly with your Puppy Pal Boy bedding.

"Test with paint samples to preview your paint colors. I much prefer actual paint samples to dry paint swatches. Paint your Blue Horizon sample in the areas that you will be using it. Be sure that you let it dry completely before evaluating the color. Paint as large of a sample of Blue Horizon as you can to most effectively evaluate the color – surrounding colors on the wall will make the color look different than when the entire wall is painted."