Baby Barnyard Crib Bedding Collection From Trend Lab

Recommended Paint Colors - Samples

Palette #3 Accent Wall Color
Pup Tent
We have selected Pup Tent as the Accent Wall color for Palette #3 of our Baby Barnyard paint color selections. To see our other selections, return to Baby Barnyard Crib Paint Samples.

Accent Wall Color: Thoughts from Shawn, our professional designer

"Creating an accent wall – using a color to paint one or more walls differently from the other walls – can add interest and excitement to your child's room. If this is your preference, I recommend you accent the wall behind the crib or bed. An accent wall works best if it enhances the natural focal point of the room – which in a child's room is often the crib or bed.

"Test with paint samples to preview your paint colors. I much prefer actual paint samples to dry paint swatches. Paint your Pup Tent sample in the areas that you will be using it. Be sure that you let it dry completely before evaluating the color. Paint as large of a sample of Pup Tent as you can to most effectively evaluate the color – surrounding colors on the wall will make the color look different than when the entire wall is painted."