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  • The only lock that mounts without tools, holes, or screws yet is secure enough to keep children out.
  • Leaves no damage when removed - even the adhesive can be cleaned off.
  • Fits most cabinets and drawers including frame and frameless styles.
  • Perfect for use on stereo equipment and glass, metal, and mirrored surfaces.
  • Simple, one-hand adult operation.
  • If you do need to use screws for your particular mounting surface, they are included in the package.
  • To disengage the lock, simply press down on the latch while opening the drawer or cabinet. Automatically locks when closed.
  • The Global Safety Cooperation certified this product for simplicity, reliability, and ease of use and installation.
  • Satisfaction guarantee provided directly from KidCo.
  • One lock per package (includes one latch, one angled catch for framed furniture, one sliding catch for frameless furniture, adhesive tape, and four screws). Made of strong, white plastic.

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