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  • KidCo's unique Toilet Lock was a winner in the 2000 JPMA Show Off Product Competition!
  • Installs behind your toilet seat using the existing seat bolts. When the lid is down, the lock arm stays securely in place over the lid preventing it from being opened.
  • To use the toilet, press down on the button and swing the lock out of the way while simultaneously lifting the toilet lid. When finished, close the toilet lid and the Toilet Lock arm will automatically swing back into the locked position.
  • Helps keep curious children and toys out of the toilet. Fits most two part toilets (separate base and tank).
  • Won't interfere with cleaning the toilet.
  • Can be used with thick, padded, or fabric toilet seats.
  • Can be temporarily disengaged to restore normal use of the toilet such as when you have company over.
  • The Global Safety Cooperation certified this product for simplicity, reliability, and ease of use and installation.

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