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  • Instant heat at the snap of a button. Activate the warmer when needed and it'll remain warm for hours.
  • Just wrap the heat pack around your baby bottle and insert into the insulated bag. Firmly snap the metal disc and the heating process will begin. Maximum heat is reached in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Additional base heating cell to warm from the bottom up
  • Reusable - just boil the heat pack in water until all the crystals dissolve (about 10-15 mins.). After boiling, the heat pack is ready for use again. Just snap the activation button!
  • Completely non-toxic.
  • Holds most baby bottle sizes. Also great for heating jars of baby food!
  • Approx. dimensions of the Bottle Warmer are 4.5" W x 7.5" H.
  • No cords, plugs, batteries, or electricity required!
  • Do not microwave the heat pack or place it on a hot dry surface to heat it.
  • Baby bottle not included.

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