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Enter information about your room's dimensions to help us determine how much paint you need. Mythic™ paint will cover between 350 and 400 square feet per gallon.
1. Room Dimensions:
Helpful hint: Ignore “cutouts” in irregular shaped rooms as shown at right. If floor to ceiling height varies in the room, estimate an average.
Room dimensions sample
Length:      Ft.    In.
 Width:      Ft.    In.
Height:      Ft.    In.
2. Doors in the Room:
Helpful hint: Assumes single (3’x7’) entry doors. If you have double doors, adjust estimate accordingly.
Number of Doors:        
3. Windows in the room:
Helpful hint: Assumes 3’x5’ window. If window sizes differ significantly, adjust estimate accordingly.
Number of Windows:        
4. Number of coats of paint:
Helpful hint: Shawn recommends two coats of paint for almost all situations. Learn more.
Number of Coats:        
5. Walls with accent color:
Helpful hint: Use only if you have selected an Accent color.
Number of Accent Walls:        

Paint Needed:

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