Accuracy of Colors You See on our Website

Thoughts from a professional designer

"Color is constantly changing in reaction to its environment and surroundings. A wall with natural light facing a window will appear to be a different color than one in shadows, though the same paint color is used on each. If you paint a wall and the ceiling the same color, the ceiling will always look darker. The colors of the walls in an empty room will appear to change once you furnish the room. These are the challenges I face every day as a designer. The secret is to select colors that will work in a wide variety of environments, because the environment of your room will continually be changing throughout the day. I have selected paint colors that will overcome these challenges.

So yes, the color you will see on your computer monitor will differ from the actual color of the paint. This is simply because the color is being projected out of the screen and not from a controlled sample on your wall to say nothing for the differences in the monitors themselves. Do not despair. The colors you see on your monitor are close enough for you to get an understanding of the general mood that each palette will create in the room. I have made sure that the colors in each palette work together and with the bedding set and accessories that you have chosen.

"Now that you are comfortable with the colors you see, simply choose one of my 3 palettes - and Have Fun."