Accent Wall Color

Thoughts from a professional designer

"Creating an accent wall – using a color to paint one or more walls differently from the other walls – can add interest and excitement to your child's room. If this is your preference, I recommend you accent the wall behind the crib or bed. An accent wall works best if it enhances the natural focal point of the room – which in a child's room is often the crib or bed.

"I select accent wall paint colors that will best enhance the colors of the bedding. This is often achieved by using a color that is opposite (on the 'color wheel') the primary colors of the bedding. This approach will make the colors of the bedding 'pop.'

"Clients frequently desire a very deep and powerful color for an accent wall, creating a very dramatic look. While such colors can be made with the unique technology of Mythic™ paint, they would require either compromises in quality (coverage and durability) or lesser safety (by adding volatile organic compounds to improve quality). Baby Supermall and Mythic™ have chosen to avoid both compromises to assure that your paint is both high performance and safe, thereby limiting my ability to select such colors. Don’t despair – the 700 color options available are far more than adequate for our needs. And safety comes first.

"The accent wall paints I have selected for you will have an eggshell finish. While flat paint is best at hiding any surface imperfections and is therefore frequently recommended for walls, it has washability drawbacks for a room that will likely require at least some spot cleaning in the months and years ahead. An eggshell finish will give you the best of both worlds – some of the appearance benefits of flat paint and increased washability."