Primary Wall Color

Thoughts from a professional designer

"The primary wall color of your room is your most important choice. Being the predominant color, it will be most responsible for communicating the mood you are seeking. I have taken care to select colors that coordinate perfectly with your bedding set and accessories, while also giving you the choice of a variety of moods.

"The most common mistake I advise my clients to avoid in selecting the primary wall color for a room is trying to precisely match one of the major colors of the bedding. If they find a match (which is rare), they risk "washing out" the color in the bedding itself. If they donít quite match the colors, it will truly look like they tried and failed, creating a note of discord in the room. I select primary wall paint colors to serve as a stage upon which to display your bedding and accessories. Before deciding on colors, I carefully consider the bedding set and all of the various accessories (especially wall borders and wall decor) that you may have. Whether you select a soft, playful, or bold mood, the primary wall color I have selected will be the perfect stage."

"The primary wall paints I have selected for you will have an eggshell finish. While flat paint is best at hiding any surface imperfections and is therefore frequently recommended for walls, it has washability drawbacks for a room that will likely require at least some spot cleaning in the months and years ahead. An eggshell finish will give you the best of both worlds Ė some of the appearance benefits of flat paint with increased washability."