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Baby Hats

Baby SuperMall is the trusted source for baby hats. We have baby hats for every season and to match every outfit. See our selection of baby sun hats, baby winter hats, newborn baby caps, and baby baseball caps.
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Hats for Babies
Do you ever wonder why newborn babies are often given a hat or cap at the hospital when they are first born? Babies and adults alike lose a large amount of heat through their heads. Babies have a hard time regulating their body temperature until about 6 months of age. Covering a baby's head with a baby hat or baby cap helps to reduce heat loss and keep them warm. If you live in a cold climate, it is important to cover your baby's head until you are back in a warm environment.
In the spring and summer, it is crucial that you help protect your baby's head and face from the sun. Browse our large selection of Iplay baby brim hats, baby flap hats, and baby bucket hats. We also have swimwear and clothing, and baby hats with UV protective fabrics.
It is always helpful to keep a spare baby hat or newborn cap in your diaper bag. You never know when your infant will be outside in the sun unexpectedly or when the air-conditioning will be cranked up.
Baby hats can reflect your style or baby's personality. Our hats come in a variety of colors, solids, stripes, and patterns. We recommend having fun with selecting you baby's hats. Adorable baby hats can make great photo opportunities!