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HALO Bassinest twin sleeper

HALO Bassinest twin sleeper - Premiere Series, Sand Circle

Product Features:
  • Perfect sleep solution for families expecting twins; mesh walls offer maximum breathability (and visibility) and provide your twins with the togetherness they crave, while ensuring the safety of separate sleep spaces; provides the benefits of bed-sharing without the associated risks.
  • Unlike other bassinets, smooth 360 degree rotation enables you to bring either of your twins right next to you for needed soothing or nighttime feedings without you leaving the comfort of your bed; side walls lower and auto-return for ease of tending babies (or lock in upright position when desired)
  • Ingenious design allows you to adjust the height of the bassinet from 24 to 34 inches high (as measured from the bottom of the sleep surface), depending on the height of your bed; many place the Bassinest so that it overlaps their bed for maximum closeness and convenience and to minimize the space required between bed and wall to as little as 32 inches
  • Includes 2 waterproof mattress pads, 2 polyester fitted sheets, and 2 100% cotton fitted sheets; Soothing Center includes 2-level nightlight, 2-level vibration, 3 lullabies, 3 soothing sounds, and a back-to-bed reminder, with 30 minute auto shut off (requires 3 AA batteries, not included)
  • Sturdy 4-point base is appropriately weighted to assure maximum stability (fully assembled weight of 55 pounds); base can be tucked under most beds; recommended for babies up to 5 months old or 20 pounds each; discontinue use when infant shows signs of pulling up, rolling over, or pushing up to a kneeling position
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HALO Bassinest twin sleeper

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Safe Sleep for Twins Made Easier
The HALO Bassinest twin sleeper is a must-have for families expecting twins. It is the only space-saving bassinet for twins that rotates 360-degrees for convenience and safety. Now your little ones can sleep as close to you (and each other!) as you'd like while safely remaining in their own separate sleep space. Plus, each side wall easily lowers with gentle pressure so that you can easily tend to your little ones without getting out of bed.
360-degree Swivel and Mesh Divider Makes It Easy to See and Soothe
Ideal for all moms of multiples, but especially moms who've had c-sections - as it makes it easy to tend to both babies without getting out of bed. Plus, parents of multiples can attest to the comfort that comes from having their twins close to each other. The mesh divider ensures your little ones can see and comfort each other.
Makes nursing and tending to your babies from bed easy
The patented dual sidewalls lower with a gentle touch and return automatically to an upright position for safety. Both sides can be locked in the upright position, if desired. Plus, the mesh sidewalls make babies visible at eye level for maximum breathability and easy soothing.
Soothing Made Simple / Space-Saving Design / Keep Babies' Essentials Close
Includes nightlight, 3 lullabies, 3 nature and womb sounds, 2 levels of vibration and a back to bed reminder that alerts mom to return babies to the Bassinest in the event that she dozes off while feeding.
Designed to tuck under your bed and is height adjustable to fit most beds, saving you space in your bedroom. Fits beds 24 to 34 inches tall and requires only 32 inches clearance.
Features 2 storage pockets for easy access to nighttime essentials.
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