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Most bedding is in stock and ready for immediate delivery! Choose from bedding sets featured below, use our nursery bedding finder, or shop by theme, color, or gender.
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We Are Different From the Others!
1. Many nursery bedding sets in stock and ready for immediate delivery.
We carry a wide selection of different bedding sets (and many of the related accessories) in stock and ready for immediate delivery to you. Shop with the confidence of knowing that your order of these items will be shipped immediately. Add in-stock nursery bedding to your gift registry knowing that each item will ship immediately when ordered by your friends and family.

2. You don't pay until we ship - no advance payments required.

3. More nursery bedding pictures - you will know what you are buying.
As with all other internet retailers of nursery bedding, we provide you with professionally prepared pictures of the nursery bedding sets and accessories that are provided to us by the bedding manufacturers. But we don't stop there!

We have found that manufacturer-supplied pictures are beautifully done and give an accurate depiction of the overall look you can achieve in your nursery. However, they can fail miserably to give you an appreciation for the beautifully detailed colors and textures that make these crib sets truly extraordinary. Accordingly, when possible, we examine each crib set very closely and provide you with as many as 40 close-up images of the pieces of the crib set - whatever it takes to enable you to see what we see. You will be able to see for yourself the details that will make your visitors "ooh and aah" when they visit your nursery. Many have told us that these close-up images enable them to even "feel" the textures of the fabrics.

4. Fabric samples available for many collections.
For the truly discriminating shopper, we can send fabric samples to your home for many of the nursery bedding collections. These will enable you to truly feel the textures of the fabrics and see the colors for yourself.

5. Reasonable return policies - no restocking fees.
Despite our efforts to make sure that you know what you are buying before you order it, occasionally a customer is not happy with their nursery bedding once they receive it. We understand this happens and will refund your product purchase price if you return the product in resalable condition (Click Here to see our detailed return policies and procedures). Most internet retailers charge "restocking fees" (this is a fancy way of saying that they will not refund all of your purchase price, even if you return the item in mint condition) in amounts ranging from 10% to 50% of the purchase price. They don't want you to be happy with your nursery bedding - they simply want to make it so financially painful for you to return your purchase that you will settle for what you receive.

6. Friendly, easy-to-reach, knowledgeable customer service.
Our customer service representatives are very familiar with all of our nursery bedding items and can be of enormous assistance to you if you desire. Call any time from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm Central Time, at 844-843-7778.

7. A fun-to-use Nursery Bedding Finder tool.
Our first priority is helping you find the perfect nursery bedding set for your baby's nursery. We developed the Nursery Bedding Finder with this purpose in mind. It enables you to define what characteristics of the nursery bedding are important to you, saving you the time it would take to review nursery bedding sets that would not be of interest. Choose by Gender, Price, Brand, Themes, or Colors - or any combination of these characteristics.