Meet Shawn Suby, Allied Member ASID

Baby Supermallís Professional Designer
"I am thrilled to introduce Shawn, the latest addition to the Baby SuperMall family. We saw your need for help in selecting the perfect paint colors to coordinate with your chosen bedding. Shawn, using her years of interior design experience, closely examines each bedding set and related accessories. She creates palettes of color that will give you a designer look without the designer cost.

"And we found the perfect paint. Developed by the scientists at the University of Southern Mississippi, Mythic™ paint represents an unmatched combination of high performance and safety. It does not contain the toxic chemicals and harmful solvents found in so many other commonly used household products. Mythic™ eliminates these risks without sacrificing quality. Mythic™ paint performs as well as any premium-quality paint on the market."
Robert Meier
Shawn Suby
From Shawn Suby
"When Baby SuperMall approached me with this project, I was immediately excited by the possibilities. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, helping families in my area design and decorate their homes. Touching as many lives as I do in providing these services is a personally satisfying way to make a living.

"Baby SuperMall has given me the chance to touch the lives of the thousands of expectant mothers that shop in their store every day. If just a small percentage of you find value in the paint colors I have selected or the advice I have to offer, I will be gratified.

"I understand how important these color selections are to you as you prepare your nursery or kids bedroom. I have developed palettes of colors for you to choose from that should please any taste. So relax ? there is no need to be running to the hardware store with pieces of fabric in search of the perfect paint color. Mythic™ has given me a choice of over 700 colors to coordinate with the bedding sets and accessories that I have closely examined. You will be thrilled with the finished product. And you can take comfort in knowing that this is the safest latex paint available for you and your family."