Mythic™ Paint

The perfect combination of premium performance, and safety.
Mythic™ paint, an exciting new product being introduced for national distribution by Southern Diversified Products, is truly revolutionary. Not simply a new mixture of traditional paint chemicals, this environmentally friendly coating was developed from the ground up by researchers at The University of Southern Mississippi. This paint contains no volatile organic compounds (aka solvents - these "VOCs" are what make traditional latex paints unsafe, particularly for expectant mothers and their unborn babies) and has virtually no odor, allowing interior painting while a building is occupied. Mythic™ paints meet and exceed the most stringent environmental and performance standards.
Mythic™ paints are premium quality and compare favorably with premium conventional, solvent-containing paints (which normally retail for between $25 and $45 per gallon) for key properties such as spatter resistance, hiding, and cleanability. Mythic™ paints are so durable that they consistently scrub 10 to 30 times longer than performance standards set by environmentally friendly product certification organizations.
Baby SuperMall has set the highest standard for performance and safety. We have committed to using only pigments (the coloring agents that give paint its color) that are VOC-free, assuring the safest latex paint possible. This decision reduced the available colors by over 30% (eliminating colors where premium performance could only be assured by using pigments with VOCs). But there are still over 700 different colors from which to choose - more than enough to satisfy the needs of our professional designer.